Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chelse Vs Barcelona - Champions League Semifinal

Chelsea did play awesome football at Stamford that night and it would have won the game if Drogba had been sent out of the game before the first half. Not only that he missed so many chances, but he also wasted a lot of time which is why Barca got extra time and Iniesta scored the goal in 92nd minute of the match. He's a 6 feet three inches tall but when a defender just so much as nudges him, he falls like a little girl... So, just because he couldn't score past a 5 feet goal keeper Valdes, he took all his frustration on the referee and thought all the chelsea fans would forget his mistakes!!!

About the penalties. I agree that they deservedone penalty, but not three... hell no !!!

Abedal pulling Drogba down was a penalty, but Drogba's reputation as a diver hurt him. I think now is the time that Guss Hiddink should start asking players to play sensible football.

Abedal was given a wrong red card. He was way too far when Anelka fell down. But then referee made many outrageous decisions against both the team, so no comments on that... 

Pique (inintentionally) touching the ball was a penalty, if it was given I would have accepted that, but that's where Barca's luck came in between

Appeal against Daniel Alvis appeared to be a penalty on the first sight, but when I watched the replay it occured that he'd pushed Malouda outside the box and then he blocked him inside the line. So that wasn't a penalty... btw Malouda was outstanding that night... I never saw him giving such a brilliant performance anytime before the last two matches..

Samuel Eto'o in the 96th minute... NO that wasn't a penalty either. He turned his back and didn't even know where the ball actually was, and it was really amazing to see Ballack crying like a 13 year kid... People criticize him for his slow pace, but he really was running very fast behind the referee, so yeah Ballack got some pace.. cheer up chelsea fans..!!! I don't know whey he's still in the team....

I think Chelsea (and fans) should remember the way Henry was pulled down inside the box by Bosingwa at Nou camp ( No comments on the chelsea's game that night) . That was a clear penalty. He was just milliseconds away from the goal. Over all Chelsea played really well at Stamford and it could have won as this time,unlike last time, they really wanted to play football...!!!

about Man U vs Barca.... 

3 great ( great for some people though) Barca players are out of the game , so I too think that Man U will take the Champions League title... but then Barca has many great midfielders and strikers too.. Messi, Iniesta, Henry, Xavi and Eto'o have ability to rip open Man U's defense...!!! and not to forget that Man U's Fletcher is out of the game too..

So let's wait for the 27th of May. I hope to see both Barca and Man U players running behind the ball rather than screaming behind the referee....!!!

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