Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is Campus Crime an issue in Karachi?

Today I read about the British foreign minister saying that there are many bogus colleges in UK... !! Keep this in mind if you see an ad. somewhere or get a spam...!!!! As for campus crimes, I think atleast in karachi, private-college/uni students don't need to worry at all.. it's all safe here... some hostel'ites do have pistols but it's because they are new to the city and feel less secure (and btw some of them think keeping a pistol make them look cool - heck!! it's not a guitar)... In the government educational institues, especially in Karachi University, students join political partiies at the time when they're new and looking for people to talk to because it's at this time that the party members come to them and ask them to join their parties. They think that they're more secure that way... And then there is always a tussle between the two well-known-for-violence parties, Jamiat and MQM(APMSO). Whenever we hear abt any act of campus-violence it has some connection with any of the two parties.

I've not heard about any act of violence in my university (IBA), except for when a guy had punch a girl in her face when she'd said something intolerable to him. I don't know what happened to the guy afterwards, but it became a popular story in the uni...!!! Our "female" teacher (let alone the girls) was also laughing when she heard that. No homosexuals and No gays here, not atleast anyone I know about, no rape scene ofcourse.. and not even ragging - 10,000 Rupees fine isn't worth it. We have good pschology teachers who are always available in the counselling hours, though some of them need lessons on student-nature. Four students got dropped from my class last semester, none committed suicide. Last year when a student of LUMS had committed suicide, all the parents were like " Never let studies drive you crazy, if you can't stand exam pressure, just chill around" so it helped students in a way. All other universities in Karachi are more or less similar. Welcome to karachi.

Campus Crime is not an issue in Pakistan. The only issue is Zardari.. and just a few minutes ago I read on someone's status that our democratic government has put a ban on anti-government(anti-zardari) sms or emails. So, if you're sending an sms during a lecture and it has anti-govt content, then it might come under Campus crimes...!!!
Second Opinion:
Campus crimes are a very very big issue in pakistan. Barring a few elitiest universities, its a part of life. Let me quote u a few personal examples when i was in SM commerce college.
Once I saw an APMSO dude minus his vest and shirt. When I looked behind him, it occured to me that someone had driven a knife a few times in his back, but not too deeply because he was good and mad. It was an APMSO an pakhtunkhwa students federation clash. A few days later the APMSO got its back when I saw a PKSF student with lots of blood where his nose shouold have been. A few days later we were sitting on the terrace and a few PKSF people came and divested us of our savings for 'chanda'. Then once when we were sitting in burns garden, the IJT an the ATI islamist groups went to war. There was a heavy gun fire with a bunch of pre-schoolers who had come to the meuseam at burns garden cought in the cross fire. I saw an IJT student opened fire on an ATI dude. Luckily the pistol was desi. By the time he got it to work, the ATI chap was far away. Later when the police came we suddenly realised that we were all SM students and the police was arresting those indiscriminately so we tried to get into the meususm. The police guard at the meuseum had ran away. We threatened to break the meusuem windows if we were not shaltered there from the police.
Those days SM college was one of the most peaceful colleges around next to Dj. Clashes between the two colleges were also common. Classes were disrupted at random. Other colleges were much much worse. The Karachi university ruitinely has students being killed in clashes, while the IJT's islamist student's militia has made life a living hell for universities all over the country. From PU to Bahudeen zakaria, they beat up 'couples', smash music eqipment, disrupt musical evenings and now increasingly armed clashes day in day out.
Response to the Second Opinion:
Yes in govt colleges it's a big issue, in private institutions it doesn't exist. I remember when I was in DJ, we were sitting near the back gate, filling out our enrollment form. It was then that a landrover entered from the main gate and stepped out two APMSO students (supposedly armed) who had come to hit a Jamiat dude who with his supporters ran away immediately and all other students also left the campus right away. The police mobile which was supposed to be there was missing, so one could say that they might have informed the police before entering the college premises. A few days later a teacher was slapped by some APMSO dude and as ridiiculous as it is, the entire college was closed for three days in protest against the political party. These were the two of the three days that I actually went to the college. So, yes Violence is a part of govt. institutes.
I think the problem is in the entire system. The administration can't fix these issues because it is corrupt itself. Teachers are often found sleeping in the faculty room. They give tuitions to college students which I think is not allowed. If teachers and the administration themselves are corrupt how can they expect students to follow rules. And it's tempting for a student to join a political party who knows that the administration just can't do anything for him if he falls in any trouble.By "universities in Karachi" I mean all private institutes in karachi.
Violence is a part of many private colleges too, but it's very easy for one to save oneself from it. I mean, nothing is forced upon anyone. If you punch somone then you can definitely expect a kick in return.