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Engro - Selection and Recruitment Process

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Engro-An Overview
Engro is a diversified business enterprise, comprising of 5 subsidiaries and a joint venture company. Its business line includes chemical fertilizers, PVC resin, a bulk liquid chemical terminal, industrial automation, foods and power generation. Engro is currently serving customers in 17 countries globally through 11 offices in 3 countries in Asia and North America. A national company with an international reach, Engro is one of the largest and fastest growing companies in Pakistan today.

"To be the premier Pakistani enterprise with a global reach, passionately pursuing value creation for all stakeholders.”

Engro today stands recognized as a successful business operation and a role model for doing business in Pakistan.
* Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited (ECPL)
* Engro Vopak Terminal Limited (EVTL)
* Engro Polymer and Chemicals Limited (EPCL)
* Avanceon (formerly known as Engro Innovative Automation Pvt. Limited)
* Engro Foods Limited (EFL)
* Engro Energy Limited (EEL)
* Engro Eximp (Pvt.) Limited (EEPL)

Work Place:
Engro values each employee, their input and views. Continuously striving to become employer of choice, Engro provides a workplace where people feel confident, valued and inspired.

Work With Engro:
Engro’s innovation and financial strength help make it a dynamic place to work, giving its employees the advantage of a large company, with the agility of a small company, where their voices are heard.
Engro has never been a Company to rest on its laurels. Its people and its culture drive it to achieve greater success. Engro looks for new and exciting ways to return value to its customers and its shareholders. It’s tough and demanding but also fun and always interesting. Employees will have every opportunity to succeed – as an individual and as part of a team. Engro’s businesses give employees the flexibility for change, the opportunity to learn about new markets and provide unparalleled career options. Engro people are some of the best in the world with a shared passion to learn and stretch beyond their limits. It is our people who make Engro a great Company and an exciting place to work.

Why Engro:

Long-term Commitment:
The long term vision is to become a diversified chemical company operating internationally. To achieve this aim we need the best people. We therefore aim to recruit high caliber people and give them the opportunity to grow and to develop their talents. We look for long-term commitment on the part of both Company and employee and have designed our systems to fulfill the Company's part of this promise.

Compensation and Benefits:
The Company's Total Remuneration package is competitively aligned to the best in the industry and is appropriately balanced between providing cash compensation and benefits, including, medical and retirement benefits. The annual salary rewards are linked to employee performance.
An Employee Share Option Scheme operated by the Employees Trust offers new employees the opportunity to acquire ownership in the Company.

On-the-Job Development:
The Company believes strongly that people grow and learn most effectively through experience. Therefore, every opportunity is sought to try to develop an employee through work related experience. Such development implies an expansion or stretching of abilities or aptitudes. It has to be based on the knowledge, skills, and aspirations within oneself. This form of development needs to be understood and actively supported by the employee and the supervisor.

Training and Education:
The Company has a range of training programs, both core management and technical, which are used on a regular basis to develop skill and knowledge. In addition, specific one-off programs may be developed where there is a need. Alternatively, individuals may attend externally run programs and there may be cases where learning by planned job experience is the best answer. Employees contribution to assessing own training needs are welcomed as are the suggestions for suitable programs. Engro’s appraisal system has a structure which calls for employee input to this discussion.

Career Development:
Engro is committed to the essential concept that career development is a shared responsibility, with employees’ part in it being an active and positive one.
Its aim is to match employees’ personal needs, desires and skills with the requirements of the Company for the right person in the right job at the right time. Our system requires employee’s contribution to the discussion about the future at the time of the appraisal interview.

Compensation Organization and Executive Development Committee (COED):
The Compensation Organization and Executive Development Committee defines a new position whenever it is required. When a department wants a new position to be established it goes to COED. The COED then asks for the reasons for the new position. If the COED accepts the reasoning, it gives its permission to the department and the advertisement is place in the newspapers.
The COED is also responsible for promotion within the organization. Whenever a position is vacant and a member of the organization is to be promoted, a member of COED brings his case to the COED meeting where it is thoroughly discussed. After the case is discussed a voting is carried out and it decides whether to promote the person or not.
The third function of COED is to rate individuals within the organization. The committee rates the employees according to their performance and skills. They then distribute the employees in the three groups, with the best member in the top one-third and the least performers in the lower one-third.

The Recruitment Process:
The recruitment process is taken very seriously. It is vital that Engro select people with qualities essential for its continued success. Its human resource team is comprised of experience recruitment professional with diverse backgrounds.
During the recruitment process objective view is taken and best practices are followed. Engro’s recruitment methodology is based on examining capabilities or competencies. These capabilities are sets of behavior skills and knowledge that can be determinants of job success and focus on the role requirements. Thereby insuring consistency and accuracy in assessments and increasing the reliability of the selection process.
The recruitment is different for two different categories of people. First is the Management Profession and Technician and the second is Non Management Profession and Technician. There are seven different division of Engro. All have separate HR departments which evaluate the candidates for respective positions in their division

Management Profession and Technician:

Identification of need:
The first step is to check whether there is a requirement for new selection. If there is a new position to be developed then COED checks for that. If an already existing position has become vacant due to any reason, then the department notifies the Human Resource Department to place advertisement in the newspapers.

After the identification of need, the Human Resource department places the advertisement in the newspaper to call for resumes. The advertisement specifies the job description and the job specification.

· Job description:
These are the listing of duties as well as desirable qualifications for a particular job e.g. the advertisement also specifies number of years worth of experience to apply for the job.

· Job specifications:
These are the characteristics and the abilities required from a person to work in that position such as leadership and teamwork qualities or command over English.

Application Form\ Submission of Resume:
Application forms enable the candidates to present a complete picture of their talents, interests and ambitions. It is the first stage of evaluation and the basic criteria for initial selection. The candidates must present a resume which makes the person stand out.

Evaluation of Resume:
After the resumes of hopeful candidates have been received, the HR department checks all the resumes of the people who have applied. In its evaluation the HR department checks the experience and the qualities of the individual and matches them to the requirement of the job.

Short Listing:
After the evaluation of the resumes the HR shortlists the candidates who have fulfilled the minimum requirement of the job description and specification.

The test is conducted by the HR department. In the test the managers check the IQ level, English Composition and Logic. The duration of the test is exactly one hour. The test is checked manually and is done by the HR department.

The candidates who have successfully cleared the tests and have scored above than relevant mark are then called for interview. The interview is conducted by four people, on executive and three managers. All the four interviewers should preferably be from within the department but often that is not the case.
The purpose of the interviews is to check the person’s subjective skills which are difficult to measure such as attitude, communication skills, abilities and personality. During the interview all four person mark the candidate individually and then put forward a cumulative mark. These are the marks against which different candidates are differentiated.

Recommendation to Human Resource Department:
Following the interview the employee of the particular department goes to the HR and gives recommendation to the HR manager regarding the interview of the candidate. The HR then conducts an interview with the candidate where they decide the Grade scale of the candidate, the different benefits and the pay scale.

After the terms of contract is agreed upon, the candidate is asked to have a medical test.

After the medical test, the candidate is referred back to the relevant department with the contract. If the department agrees upon it, then the candidate is hired.

Non Management Profession and Technician:
The non Management Profession and Technician recruitment procedure is the same except for the basic difference that they don’t sit the test. They only have to send the resume and pass the interview. There also is a difference in the interview. While for MPT there are three managers and one executive, in the NMPT procedure there are no executives. The managers may or may not be present in the interviews. Otherwise it has the same procedure.
· Identification of need
· Advertisement
· Application Form\ Submission of Resume
· Evaluation of Resume
· Short Listing
· Interview
· Recommendation to Human Resource Management
· Medical
· Hiring

Source: Engro's Official Website


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