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By: Danish Raza (
" It's a funny article. No offence to anyone "

Ever since we remember we had friends with us. There are some friends who moved out of our lives and some who are still with us and will remain for a life time.

We also share mutual friends with some, though there is this one unique friend that we all have in common. A friend who has always been with us, ever since we are born. And who will give us company for the whole life time. 

Can you guess whom I’m talking about?

Satan our lonely friend….

Unfortunately, almost all of you consider Satan as an evil being. By this we are actually being very rude to him. Just imagine how would you feel knowing that your friends consider you their enemy? But if you’re sincere and a true friend, you will always be with them, you will always want to see them happy. That is exactly why Satan wants to see us happy and makes us do things that please us.

So, I want you guys to put yourselves in the shoes of Satan and feel what he feels. If you’ll start feeling that way, I’m damn sure you will never ever consider him an evil creature.

Now, why do we consider Satan as an evil creature? This is because of the Islamic and Christian teachings.

In Islam Satan is known as iblis. He was a jinn created from fire. He was loved by God, until he broke Allah’s commands and turned evil. And then he was expelled from paradise.

For most Christians, he is believed to be an angel who rebelled against God. His ultimate goal is to lead people away from the love of God.

I won’t say that your beliefs are wrong, nor would I try to insinuate it into your mind. But, let me tell you something I found out. 
When it comes to religion, people follow different faiths. And faith prohibits us from doing certain things. Like,
Islam prohibits alcohol
Christianity prohibits polygamy i.e. More than one marriage isn’t allowed
And then Hinduism prohibits beef because they revere cows.

The question is why should we follow these rules? Why can’t we be free? You talk a lot about freedom of expressions, freedom of actions, but when it comes to your own freedom, you’re mum!! Isn’t it ridiculous?

I, as your true friend, am going to tell you about a philosophy, a set of rules, i.e. Satanism, which doesn’t prohibit anything. You’re free to do whatever you like.

For example, Staring at women is prohibited in Islam, and in our society if you stare at a woman for more than just 10 seconds, she would probably slap you!! Now this is un-satanic.. According to Satanism if you’re staring at a woman, you’re actually appreciating her beauty and a Satanist woman would feel happy about it. But you got to be aesthetic for that matter and make sure you don’t offend anyone.

So, the doors to the church of Satan are always open for you… But be careful, once you’re in, there are many “pure” creatures out there in the world who’ll try to misguide you. They will keep on telling you that..

- you’re going to hell
- Satan doesn’t love you
- I’m not here to preach you but … blah blah blah
- Why does burning forever sound fun to you?
- Don’t you know the definition of hell? It’s not a big party like you think
- I’m sorry for you that you’re blind

Look… First of all, Satanists don’t believe in hell. You’re born, you enjoy your lives and you’re dead. That is it… end of the story. Basically, it’s all about YOU. You should do what you wish, as long as no one gets hurt. If some one hurts you though, hurt them back!! Tit for tat… Rule of the game.

Let’s move on to the 10 satanic rules, but before moving on make it clear that Satanism has nothing to do with kidnapping, child abuse, animal and child sacrifice or any number of acts that people would like to credit Satanists with.

1. Give opinions or advices only if you're asked.
2. Tell your troubles to others only if you're sure they want to hear them. 
3. If you're in someone else's house, give him respect, or else don't go there.
4. If a guest in your home annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy. 
5. Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved. 
6. Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained. 
7. Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself. 
8. Do not harm little children. 
9. Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food. 
10. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.

If someone hits you, dig up a 6 feet hole and make sure you put him in it !!!

So, If anyone is interested to convert, just sign up for free !!! The choice is yours. Either enjoy yourselves and have fun, or continue on doing what people have been doing for years.

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