Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cap'n Sinsi's Advice - My Cousin Be A Sorry Lout

Dear Cap'n Sinsi,

I be a 19-voyage-old-pirate girl. A cousin o' mine who be a voyage younger t' me keeps copyin' me. She does everythin' I do. When we go t' a restaurant, she orders th' same meal as me. WhatereI buy she has t' buy. At me lassie's weddin' she wore th' same clothes as me an' got th' same hairstyle. I wouldna be shipmates wi' th' lass' if she wasn't me cousin, but me mom keeps tellin' me that I be havin' t' involve th' lass' in everythin' I do. I think she be a sorry lout 'cz she ends up copyin' me ever' single time. I feel like screamin' at th' lass', but me parents avast me. She be such a bug. 't bothers me that some swabbies be so dim-witted an' can't decide fer they's self.


Dear Flatter yersef,

Thar be two ways o' lookin' at ever' problem. Ye can be all negative an' resentful an' cramp yer own style an' yer facial expression. Or ye can use th' fact that ye be bein' copied t' flatter yersef about yer wonderful sense o' style. Ahoy, 't happens t' celebrities all th' time.

An' anyway, e'en while wearin' th' same thin', ye know that ye still look different from yer look alike. So cap'n suggests that ye chill, avast worryin' about why she be sooo insecure an' start flatterin' yersef.

Cap'n Sinsi

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